Month: September 2023

BetterHelp Benefits

BetterHelp offers a variety of options for online therapy, including text-based counseling, live video, and phone sessions. It also offers financial aid for those who qualify. After filling out a questionnaire, users can find a therapist and schedule their first session on the website. BetterHelp’s website also has an explanation of how the service works,

Yooji Benefits

People with the name yooji often feel a strong connection to intuition and deep knowledge. They can use their strength to create a more beautiful future for themselves and others. French start-up Yooji offers healthy meals in frozen baby portions, made from organic ingredients or sustainable fishing and without additives. The company has recently partnered

Indriver Benefits

Unlike traditional ride-hailing services, indriver allows customers to negotiate their fares with drivers. This feature has contributed to its success and rapid growth. What has also helped indriver grow so quickly is that they do not spend much on marketing and have managed their expenses effectively. This approach has made their revenue healthier. Convenience Indriver

Cozy Earth Benefits

Cozy Earth makes bamboo pajamas, bedding and loungewear that are incredibly soft, breathable and temperature regulating. Their products are also hypoallergenic and free of chemicals. With backgrounds in overseas production, the founders of cozy earth set out to create high-end form textiles that are both luxurious and super functional. Their products are breathable, antimicrobial and