Month: October 2023

Pulumi Benefits For DevOps Teams

The pulumi platform allows for infrastructure as code to be defined in real programming languages with a huge ecosystem. This offers benefits like IDE support (strong typing, error squiggles, code completion), and enables unit, property and integration testing. While both Terraform and Pulumi allow you to import existing infrastructure, the pulumi documentation is extensive on

Blurams Dome Lite 2 Camera Review

The Blurams app has a clean, intuitive design that provides easy camera control. It starts with a recent still shot and then provides you with a view of the live feed, tools for sharing access to your camera with family members, and access to event-triggered video clips in a dedicated tab. Security Seamlessly integrates with

Experiencing Melbourne, Australia: A Journey to Remember

Melbourne, Australia, offers an unforgettable travel experience for all who visit. This vibrant city is a captivating blend of modernity and history, boasting iconic landmarks such as Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. Explore the diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character, from the bohemian streets of Brunswick to the trendy boutiques in Prahran. Melbourne’s

Kitopi Benefits

Kitopi is transforming the food delivery landscape by providing shared cloud kitchens and advanced operational solutions. The company is committed to culinary excellence and strives to provide a seamless restaurant experience to its customers. Using HighQ, Kitopi’s legal department has simplified contract management and reduced time-consuming administrative work. The solution has also enabled them to

How a Job at GoodLeap Benefits You

Previously known as Loanpal, GoodLeap provides financing for solar and energy-efficient upgrades. The company aims to empower homeowners and help them reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints. GoodLeap also supports community-driven sustainability initiatives. Customers love the product and service that goodleap offers. They also appreciate the transparency of the company’s operations, leadership style, and