Bella and Duke Benefits

Bella and Duke is one of the UK’s leading raw pet food manufacturers. Their products are based on ancestral principles, and they aim to provide dogs with the natural diet that their bodies were designed for. This approach leads to healthier skin and coats, stronger immune systems, and improved digestion.

High-Quality Ingredients

Bella and Duke’s food is made in the UK using ingredients sourced from the country, promoting sustainability. This approach also reduces the carbon footprint of the company by eliminating food miles.

The company uses high-quality, raw, natural ingredients in their meals. Their recipes are developed with the help of animal nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure the utmost quality of the food. This helps pets live long, healthy lives with their owners.

The company offers flexible subscription home delivery to make it easier for pet owners to feed their dogs a raw diet. They ask a few basic questions about the pet’s health and activity levels to create a customized meal plan. They also offer discounts for larger orders, making it more cost-effective to feed the dog a healthier diet. They even have a feature called upgrade and save that allows you to buy more meals per month at a lower price. This makes the food more affordable as it saves you money on shipping costs.

Raw Feeding Principles

Raw dog food is a nutritional philosophy that supports dogs’ evolutionary needs, allowing them to eat their natural, carnivorous diet. This way, they can enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as improved digestion and healthy teeth and gums.

To support their customers on a journey to raw feeding, Bella and Duke provide personalised meals for their pets through a subscription service. Upon submitting key information about your pet, they will use their technology to determine the ideal meal for them and send it straight to your door.

The vast majority of claims made for raw feeding are not based on formal scientific evidence and instead rely on anecdote, personal endorsements, and highly selective data (Natures:menu 2017, BARF World 2018). In addition to this, targeted surveillance for outbreaks of human salmonellosis associated with imported raw meat is currently lacking in the UK, contributing to the overall advice against raw feeding issued by many professional bodies.

Personalized Support

In addition to offering high-quality pet food, Bella and Duke offers personalized support for their customers. They believe that the best way to keep pets healthy is through education and by addressing common concerns. This includes identifying allergies and sensitivities, understanding the importance of a balanced diet, and providing advice on raw feeding.

Bella and Duke was founded after co-founders Mark Scott and Tony Ottley lost their dogs to cancer, which they suspected was related to the quality of mainstream pet food. The company’s recipes are formulated to take into account the health and life stage of the animal, with meat and vegetables sourced from BRC-accredited factories in the UK.

Duke provides employees with a variety of benefits, including a comprehensive retirement plan and health insurance. Employees can also access personal assistance services, child care resource guides and flexible work arrangements. In addition, Duke offers a number of programs for expectant and new parents, including prenatal classes, lactation support services and baby groups.


Duke University offers a range of sustainable initiatives that go beyond the typical benefits package. Employees can get information about their contributions to health insurance, life and disability coverage, retirement plans and other benefits on a personalized benefits statement included with their pay statement.

Founded in 2016 by friends Mark Scott and Tony Ottley, Bella & Duke develops raw food for dogs. The company delivers 2.5 million meals a month to customers’ homes across the UK, made in its Inverkeithing kitchen from recipes designed with animal nutritionists and vets.

The raw feeding approach, which is based on ancestral principles, honors dogs’ biological needs and promotes their natural instincts to eat raw meat, bones and organs. It also helps to achieve balanced energy levels, a glossier coat and healthier digestion.

As the business has grown, it needed to consolidate operations and bring all of its production into one facility. It engaged with InvestFife, Fife Council’s economic development service, to help find the right property and secure an RSA grant to support the investment. The new Parklife HQ at Arrol House in Rosyth has helped the company to increase capacity and reduce overall costs.