BetterHelp Benefits

BetterHelp offers a variety of options for online therapy, including text-based counseling, live video, and phone sessions. It also offers financial aid for those who qualify.

After filling out a questionnaire, users can find a therapist and schedule their first session on the website. BetterHelp’s website also has an explanation of how the service works, a comparison to traditional in-office therapy, and testimonials.


BetterHelp offers a subscription-based service that includes unlimited in-app text, video, and audio messaging with your counselor. This feature is a convenient way to communicate with your counselor between live sessions and can help keep the momentum of your therapy going. It also creates an ongoing conversation that you can refer to later. You can also “shred” your messages, so they aren’t visible in your account.

In addition to providing online counseling, BetterHelp also hosts free, interactive group seminars that you can participate in if you aren’t able to attend your own individual sessions. These are called groupinars and cover topics from self-care to depression. You can also access archived versions of the groupinars on your BetterHelp account.

If you have a low income, you may be eligible for financial aid to pay for BetterHelp’s services. The company’s website prompts you to check your eligibility before you begin paying and will ask for information about your employment status, monthly income, and military status.


As one of the largest providers of online therapy, BetterHelp offers an easy-to-use platform and licensed therapists. Its affordable subscription costs make it an accessible option for many people. However, it should not be used for emergency or crisis care.

All BetterHelp therapists are licensed and trained mental health professionals with at least three years of experience. They can be licensed clinical social workers (LCSW or LMFT), marriage and family therapists, or licensed professional counselors (LPC). BetterHelp also has specialists in eating disorders, LGBTQIA issues, and parenting.

Many BetterHelp users report being satisfied with the service. They like the convenience and affordability of telehealth and enjoy the ability to communicate with their therapists using text, video, and audio messaging. They also appreciate that their therapists are committed to keeping sessions confidential. However, some users have complained about poor connectivity or technical difficulties. They have also reported feeling less connected with their therapists than they would in person.

Ease of scheduling

BetterHelp offers one weekly live video, phone, or chat session as part of its subscription plan. Unlike other online therapy services, which typically include live sessions as an add-on, BetterHelp includes them in the base price of its service. The company also offers unlimited messaging between live sessions. Messages are sent through the same “room” that you use for live sessions, and they can be accessed from the web or mobile app. You can also choose to “shred” messages that you’ve sent, which will remove them from your account.

Many people find that text messaging is more convenient than live video or phone calls. However, some individuals may prefer a face-to-face interaction or might be camera-shy. In addition, BetterHelp offers a traditional phone call option for those who prefer it.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for online therapy, betterhelp might be right for you. This service provides access to licensed therapists for a fee that’s significantly lower than traditional face-to-face therapy sessions. This makes it a great choice for people who lack insurance coverage or can’t afford high co-pays.

When signing up, you’ll be matched with a therapist using an initial questionnaire that asks questions about your interests and problems. You can then switch therapists at any time without paying any fees. Depending on your preferences, you may be directed to a therapist who specializes in teens, couples, or faith-based counseling.

When you sign up for BetterHelp, you’ll get four weeks of unlimited messaging in a counselor “room.” Then, you can schedule one live phone, chat, or video session per week. You’ll also have access to group webinars, which are therapist-led support groups on different mental health topics. BetterHelp protects your privacy by showing only your initials as your display name during these sessions, and it doesn’t share your personal information with affiliates or your employer.