Blurams Dome Lite 2 Camera Review

The Blurams app has a clean, intuitive design that provides easy camera control. It starts with a recent still shot and then provides you with a view of the live feed, tools for sharing access to your camera with family members, and access to event-triggered video clips in a dedicated tab.


Seamlessly integrates with your home security system using Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit voice commands and works with IFTTT so you can link it to other smart devices. It is waterproof at IP66 level and does not get intimidated by heat, rain or snow, enabling you to use it indoors or outdoors.

Smart AI detection and instant alerts notify you of any motion or abnormal sound detected. The app lets you choose the area of the house you would like to monitor and the sensitivity. If a stranger is detected in your house, the camera will send you an instant notification and trigger a siren and alarm to scare off the intruder.

It allows you to save your recordings directly to the cloud with a paid plan and even without a subscription, you can store recorded events for 24 hours on encrypted AWS servers. You can also scrub through your cameras history and use the 2-way audio to communicate with visitors or potential intruders.

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Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for business or just working from home, Blurams cameras let you know what’s happening in your house and with your kids and furry friends. Our smart security camera can send you instant notifications when something happens in your house, so you can take the right action at the right time.

You can access all of the recordings on your Blurams camera through a web portal and mobile app. You can scrub through the camera’s history, use 2-way audio and do almost anything else you need to do with your camera.


With the Blurams mobile app, you can view up to four cameras simultaneously and share access with family members. The free mobile app also has 2-way audio and supports up to 128GB of local storage.

The camera’s night vision feature works up to 22ft and has a built-in high-quality infrared illuminator. The camera is easy to set up and connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network, so you don’t need a hub.

It offers smart AI detection and instant alerts on your smartphone when a person or object is detected in the camera’s field of view. You can also choose to save an alert video on cloud for 24 hours (subscription required). The camera works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, so you can control it using voice commands and link it to your other devices. You can also log in to a web portal and scrub through your camera’s history. The platform is based on Oracle Cloud technology, which helps Blurams strengthen its technical capability, security and meet data compliance requirements in each market.


Blurams Dome Lite 2 offers a ton of smart home security features at an affordable price. It can record and store up to 128 GB on an SD card, provides a free rolling 7-day cloud recording and supports two-way audio communication. It also works with the IFTTT automation tool to turn on your lights, make coffee or more.

As the company grew, it faced challenges that made it difficult to meet demand and comply with data regulations around the world. To help address these issues, it needed a more robust cloud platform. After a proof of concept with Oracle’s support team, Blurams selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its superior performance, flexibility and data compliance.

The founders of blurams are determined to let everyone connect with their family and loved ones no matter where they are. They believe life can be simpler and more secure with our smart products. They upgrade people’s lives by making their communication become real-time and allowing them to watch and take immediate action to protect their home and loved ones.