Bower Collective Benefits

Bower Collective is a direct-to-consumer digital platform for sustainable home and personal care products. Its innovative approach to ecommerce eliminates plastic waste through reuse and refill closed loop packaging.

Bower Collective has recently raised GBP2.1 million in seed-stage funding from Oxford Capital and Doehler Ventures as well as a number of prominent angel investors. It’s now a B Corp certified business with the mission to make sustainable living accessible for all.

1. Reduces your carbon footprint

Bower Collective is on a mission to rethink the way we shop for home and personal care products. The company has a curated list of the best eco-friendly options on the market and delivers them in an innovative closed loop refill system. It’s a great way to try new sustainable products without having to make a huge investment upfront, and their refill pouches can be returned with ease.

The company also has a greener supply chain by using renewable energy and other smart practices. They even have a clever way of measuring the carbon footprints of their suppliers and consumers. The company is on the cutting edge of a new trend for businesses, called lifecycle analysis. It allows them to measure the amount of CO2 emitted by a product over its life cycle, from raw material extraction, to shipping and distribution, to final disposal or recycling.

There are many ways you can reduce your footprint, from choosing more environmentally friendly cleaning products to putting a biochar composter in the garden. For example, a simple swap from a bottle of toilet paper to a bamboo holder will do wonders for the planet – and your wallet.

2. Reduces your plastic footprint

One of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic footprint is to upcycle and reuse what you already have. This can help you cut down on your monthly grocery shop and eliminate single-use packaging from your daily routine.

Bower Collective offers a refill subscription service for home care and cleaning products. Instead of buying new containers for these products, consumers receive reusable pouches with each order that they can refill and use again and again.

This packaging system is a key component of the company’s mission to eliminate household plastic waste. Each reusable pouch is tagged with a QR code that can be scanned using a smartphone at home for provenance information and other engaging content.

Once the pouches have been emptied into durable dispensers at home, they’re mailed back to Bower, where they’re cleaned and refilled for another customer. This is a closed-loop, plastic-waste-free process that eliminates the need for disposable packaging altogether.

3. Saves you money

Bower Collective is a UK based e-commerce brand that offers a range of sustainable home and personal care products with a mission to eliminate plastic waste. Their innovative approach to reusable packaging is a closed loop solution that ensures all packaging ends up in the recycling bin, never in landfill or the ocean.

To achieve this, they have a clever design that uses the latest in digital passport technology to create a one-way valve system which allows you to refill and reuse your reusable product at home, without the need to clean the pouch inside and out first. In addition, their reusable packaging features an on-pack QR code which provides provenance information and directions to foster consumer engagement once the pouch is scanned by your smartphone.

Not only does it save you money by eliminating plastic waste, but it also supports the environment by helping to protect 1m2 of endangered sea grass with every purchase! Get in touch to find out more!

4. Helps the environment

With the rise of plastic waste and our growing awareness of sustainability, it’s easy to see why a sustainable approach to living is important. From re-using your plastic bags and toothbrushes to switching to metal straws, there are so many small changes you can make that have a big impact.

Bower Collective are on a mission to make reducing your plastic waste as simple as possible. They supply a wide range of sustainable home and personal care products in refill packages that are sent to you as you need them. Once you’ve used them, simply return the empty pouches in pre-paid envelopes and Bower take care of recycling them with their specialist partner.

As a B Corporation, Bower have met rigorous social and environmental standards to help them grow their business with purpose as well as profit. They’re also committed to protecting 1m2 of endangered seagrass for every purchase made, as part of their partnership with the Marine Conservation Society.