Carvolution Benefits

Carvolution offers an all-inclusive package, making it the ideal solution for businesses with fleets. This includes comprehensive insurance, vehicle registration in the canton of residence, vignettes, service and tyre changes. Its affordable, transparent costs also make it an attractive option for private customers.

With a monthly flat rate, subscribers gain access to a diverse fleet of top-quality cars. They can choose the car they need, based on their preferences and needs.


Carvolution offers a complete service for a monthly fixed price. All costs except refueling or charging (for electric cars) are included in the subscription. The company provides insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, first vignette sticker, service and maintenance, the right seasonal tires and storage.

Whether you want to drive a small city car for the summer, an SUV for a mountain trip or a family vehicle, Carvolution has a fleet to suit your needs and budget. Subscribers can choose the duration and kilometer package that suits them best.

Unlike traditional car ownership, Carvolution allows you to drive different vehicles throughout the year. It also has a variety of flexible payment plans. The company recently launched a new pricing structure that is cheaper for seldom, average and frequent drivers. This is the first time that a car rental company has done this. Carvolution has also offset CO2 emissions for all of its customers through myclimate, provided that they waive the 5 cents per litre discount and opt to support climate protection.


With Carvolution, subscribers can enjoy the flexibility of a car rental service with the convenience of ownership. They can swap between different vehicles whenever they want, without having to deal with costly repairs or tedious paperwork. This flexible model is ideal for people who are looking for a more convenient and sustainable way to get around.

Additionally, Carvolution’s customer support team is available to assist with any questions or concerns. This helps customers feel confident in their decision and eliminates the uncertainty that comes with traditional vehicle ownership.

This new form of car ownership is a great alternative to purchasing or leasing, and it has proven to be cost-effective for many users. However, it may not be the right solution for everyone. Carvolution’s success can be attributed to its unique approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s focus on sustainability and innovation is also key to its success. This makes it a leading choice for businesses looking to offer employees a convenient and affordable mobility option.


Carvolution offers a complete service and includes everything that is necessary for the operation of the vehicle in the monthly fixed price. This includes insurance, registration, taxes, and maintenance. It also eliminates the residual value risk. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Bannwil, Switzerland.

In addition, the company focuses on new or nearly new cars and passes on the attractive subscription prices to customers. This is made possible by purchasing vehicles, insurance and tires in large quantities, which can lead to attractive volume discounts. The company also benefits from a digital framework and lean fleet management.

The Carvolution service also provides its customers with a parking card for the blue zone and free transport on all Swiss public transport. With its complete package, the car subscription has become a popular alternative to buying or leasing. Moreover, it is much more sustainable than driving your own car. The company also offsets its carbon emissions with the myclimate foundation, which supports climate protection projects worldwide.


Carvolution offers a convenient car subscription service that saves subscribers time and hassle. Subscribers can drive a new car every six months, and the company handles all the paperwork. This approach reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions, making it a great option for environmental conscious individuals.

Another advantage of carvolution is its affordability. Its all-inclusive monthly fee covers everything except fuel and charging (for electric cars). The fixed monthly rate includes comprehensive insurance, car redemption, cantonal registration, vignettes, tires, and servicing and maintenance. It also covers the cost of road tax and a first toll sticker.

For foreigners living in Switzerland, a car subscription is an excellent solution to avoid expensive and stressful buying or leasing options. It also allows you to switch between different models and tailor your mobility to fit your changing lifestyle. In addition, Carvolution offers free CO2 compensation through myclimate. This is an excellent way to offset your emissions while driving a new car.