Cozy Earth Benefits

Cozy Earth makes bamboo pajamas, bedding and loungewear that are incredibly soft, breathable and temperature regulating. Their products are also hypoallergenic and free of chemicals.

With backgrounds in overseas production, the founders of cozy earth set out to create high-end form textiles that are both luxurious and super functional. Their products are breathable, antimicrobial and durable, and come with a 100 night sleep guarantee.

Bamboo Sheets

Sheets made from bamboo viscose are soft, breathable and moisture-wicking. This helps regulate your sleep temperature and keeps you from overheating during the night. They also wick away sweat and release it into the air, so you never wake up to a damp feeling.

Bamboo sheets are woven in either a twill or sateen weave, both of which are durable. But sateen is considered much better for longevity since it’s more resistant to pilling and discoloration.

When choosing sheets, always look for organic or bamboo viscose. Viscose from bamboo is produced using non-toxic solvents and is one of the most eco-friendly options for bedsheets. It’s also highly durable and takes dye very well. This means your sheets will retain their vibrancy for years to come. And they’ll be easy to care for, machine washing on cold with your normal detergent and then drying on a low heat. You can even line dry your sheets if you prefer for the best results.

Bamboo Comforters

A bamboo duvet is a great choice for any sleeper because it regulates your temperature and whisks away moisture to prevent night sweats. It also provides a cozy feel and is hypoallergenic. Plus, bamboo bedding is antimicrobial, so it resists mildew, mold and dust mites.

A duvet cover is a must-have for any bamboo bedding set because it protects your Cozy Earth bamboo comforter from spills and general wear-and-tear. Plus, it adds a nice aesthetic to your bed.

If you are unsure about purchasing a bamboo duvet, Cozy Earth offers a 100-night sleep trial and full refund. Additionally, their sheets are guaranteed not to pill, discolor or shred and have a 10-year no-pilling guarantee. The company also has a line of sustainable loungewear that includes pajamas, robes and jogger pants for both men and women. These pieces are made from stretch-knit bamboo fabric and are also free from toxins, harsh dyes and chemicals. You can even wash them at home!

Bamboo Loungewear

Thermoregulating bamboo fabrics offer superior breathability, keeping you cool in warm weather. They also wick away moisture, keeping you feeling fresh and dry throughout the night. The fabric also resists pilling, so it holds its shape and softness after many wears and washes. This helps your bamboo sleepwear and robes last longer, cutting down on waste from constant washing.

Bamboo kun is made from bamboo viscose with antimicrobial bio-agents that fight bacteria, making it resistant to sweat and odor. This makes the material great for those who sweat often or suffer from menopausal night sweats.

Australian clothing company Ettitude offers a range of bamboo pajamas for women including pants, camis, shorts and tops, as well as robes. They use organically grown bamboo lyocell and are a member of the 1% for the Planet organization. Their products are hypoallergenic and made from a breathable fabric that’s free from harmful chemicals. Their sustainable PJs are a bit on the pricey side, but they’re worth the splurge for long-lasting comfort.

Cozy Club

The Cozy Club is a podcast created by two best friends. It’s a warm hug in podcast form for all the soft hearts out there who love cozy books, funny stories, candid mental health discussions, and other fun stuff.

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