DealHub Benefits

DealHub is an all-in-one CPQ + CLM platform that provides predictive sales playbooks, content management and generation, e-Signature, contract management, approval workflows, and buyer engagement tracking and insights. This zero-code solution is a powerful Revenue Amplification Platform trusted by top sales leaders.

DealHub benefits include: accelerated response times, more accurate quotes and proposals and reduced risk of revenue loss.

Streamlined Quote-to-Order Process

With the help of CPQ software, you can easily streamline and automate your sales quoting process. Unlike manual processes, a CPQ solution helps you configure product offerings, determine accurate pricing, and generate professional quotes for customers in a short span of time. This saves you time and effort, enables you to respond quickly to customer inquiries, improves operational efficiency, and enhances the overall customer experience.

CPQ software is an end-to-end revenue amplification platform that helps close deals faster, reduces sales cycles, and provides a seamless buyer experience. It includes guided selling playbooks, configure-price-quote, subscription management, digital deal rooms, dynamic content generation, and real-time buyer intent and insights.

A CPQ solution should be easy to implement and maintain. Unlike legacy Steelbrick, a zero-code software like dealhub can be implemented in just a few weeks (vs 9-15 months). Moreover, it eliminates the need to integrate with your existing technology stack and delivers all you need for a complete unified revenue workflow.

Automated Subscription Management

Streamline subscription management and create better customer experiences with CPQ (configure, price, quote) functionality. Powered by Salesforce, dealhub enables companies to automate sales quoting processes, reduce manual errors, and deliver faster quotes.

Subscription billing is a complex process that requires a robust back-end solution to handle the unique requirements of subscription businesses. The best solutions enable businesses to scale by automating the creation of accurate invoices, reserving credit, pricing rules and discounts, pricing strategy testing, dunning management, and more.

DealHub CPQ seamlessly integrates with HubSpot to provide a unified view of the revenue pipeline. As deals progress through the sales funnel, automated data synchronization ensures that a quote or proposal is created in DealHub CPQ when a contact reaches a specific deal stage in HubSpot, enabling faster and more effective sales collaboration. This also helps to eliminate duplicate work and improve scalability.

Intuitive Configure-Price-Quote Interface

The Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) market includes solutions that automate the process of creating sales documents, such as quotes and proposals. These solutions can help businesses improve accuracy, reduce manual processes, and speed up turnaround times.

DealHub CPQ software offers an intuitive question-based flow that guides salespeople through the product configuration process, while providing optimal product fit. It also allows users to automatically trigger upgrade, upsell and cross-sell suggestions, ensuring price and discount consistency across the organization. The solution supports multiple sales playbooks and scenarios, as well as e-signature functionality.

The system’s CRM integration enables automated data synchronization, simplifying the sales workflow. This simplifies collaboration and reduces data entry errors. Additionally, it enables sales teams to access CPQ functionalities directly from the CRM platform they already use. This streamlines the process and ensures greater adoption. It also helps in delivering a more consistent, personalized experience for customers.

Real-Time Intent Insights

Unlike traditional sales KPIs, DealHub’s hard sales data insights work for you in real time. From reducing quote-to-order conversion rates to highlighting pricing trends, these valuable analytics empower businesses to take control of their revenue execution processes.

With a unified platform greater than the sum of its parts, DealHub delivers a connected revenue flow for both net new business and renewals. Eliminate disconnected views of your tech stack and empower sales teams with a guided selling playbook for Configure-Price-Quote, Sales Engagement, Document Generation and Contract Management.

Sales Operations leaders with a digital dealroom can automatically present professional quotes to their prospects, in a live, dynamic and interactive environment. This helps them close more deals, improve win rates and differentiate themselves from the competition. The CPQ, e-signature and subscription management capabilities of dealhub ensure that this process is seamless and efficient. Operational leaders can also cut reconciliation commissions and reduce manual work for the finance team.