How App Samurai Benefits Advertisers and Marketers

Located in San Francisco, App Samurai engineers the best technological solutions to democratize the ever-changing marketing ecosystem. Their suite of products includes a user acquisition platform, fraud detection, and developer tools to improve in-app engagement.

Create, manage and measure ad campaigns for acquiring qualified users on one smart dashboard. App Samurai also supports leading trackers and offers CPI optimization, click spam detection, virtual device detection, and VPN protection.

CPI Optimization

CPI Optimization is a feature that allows app marketers to optimize the cost per install of their ads. This can be done by analyzing user data to identify the most profitable regions and users.

It also allows marketers to target specific groups of users, such as those who have previously downloaded the app. This can help increase the likelihood of converting users into paying customers.

However, CPI is not a good replacement for lifetime value metrics (LTV), which are more indicative of the quality of users. For example, LTV includes all actions that occur within the app, including purchases that generate in-app revenue. On the other hand, CPI only includes users who have installed the app and does not imply engagement or churn. Therefore, marketers should use both LTV and CPI metrics to optimize their app acquisition campaigns.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation engines are a great tool to provide an experience that reflects the behavior of customers. They can help to improve the product interface by showing the customer relevant products, such as pants and shoes that match a blazer. These recommendations are based on customer demographic data, which helps to create personalized digital experiences for the user.

They can also be used to improve the user experience of network-based products by suggesting new connections to the users. However, it is important to understand that recommendation engine tools should be opt-in and not automatically imposed on the users. If they are not, they can cause the user to lose trust in the product and distract them from the core product experience. This is why it is important to develop a proper benchmark for the efficacy of recommendations.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is an important tool to protect your business from fraud threats. It prevents fraudulent actions such as phishing, identity theft and hacking. It also helps you avoid costly chargebacks and manual inspections of suspicious activities. It also protects customer loyalty by stopping fraudsters from stealing their personal information or loyalty points.

It is important to make sure that all employees are aware of the company policy on fraud risk including types of fraud and consequences. A tip hotline is a great way to help minimize fraud. It is estimated that most occupational fraud cases are detected because of a tip. Fraud can impact any type of business and even destroy companies. Data breaches and theft of credit cards are some of the most common forms of fraud.

VPN Protection

Many retail apps, social media platforms, and search engines track your behavior online to monetize and tailor in-app ads and contents. Even if you clear your browsing history, these data remain in the servers of these companies who can retrace your path and sell it to advertisers. Using a VPN service obscures your location and browser cached data to prevent these sites from tracking you and using this information. Most VPN app setup is as simple as turning on a light switch, with some offering advanced options for users requiring more control over their security. VPNs are an important layer of protection, alongside antivirus software and other cyber security measures, to help keep you safe while surfing the web.

How Does Your Favorite VPN Measure Up?


App Samurai integrates with leading tracker tools to offer a seamless user experience. It helps mobile marketers, developers and advertisers derive maximum benefits from the platform. It offers a range of services including ad optimization, user acquisition, performance marketing and mobile growth management.

The company also provides support in strategy planning, campaign execution, and post-campaign results analysis. It also provides an intuitive dashboard for analyzing app store metrics, in-app events and unique recommendations.

The company has also launched a global resilience grant to help mobile app publishers. It will support apps that help consumers stay safe and healthy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This includes health & fitness, streaming and social media apps. It is open to all eligible start-ups, with priority given to those focusing on the most affected countries.