How Fashionphile Benefits You

Average annual salary

Fashionphile, which has its headquarters in CARLSBAD, CA, is a fashion company which sells exclusive brands. The company was founded in 1997 by Sarah Hemminger and Ben Hemminger. They started out by selling accessories and slowly expanded to a full collection of fashion items. In 2006, they moved the company to Beverly Hills. Since then, Fashionphile has added new stores and showrooms. It will soon launch a fully redesigned mobile app.

Fashionphile employees earn an average salary of $1,034,914 in the United States. This salary is based on job type, location, years of experience, and other factors. Some of the top-paid positions are Sales at $282,048, General Counsel at $278,070, and Administrative Assistant at $43,848. Although the salaries vary, the median salary is about $133,869 annually. Whether or not the average salary of a Fashionphile employee is worth the cost of the job depends on many factors, such as the company’s size, industry, and job description. Regardless of the salary, a potential employer should be aware of what the employees have to say about working conditions, compensation, and more.

While most employees believe that the pace of work at Fashionphile is quick, most are not satisfied with the overall compensation package. However, most participants said that the onboarding process was effective. Moreover, 74% of employees said that their direct manager was helpful in the first 90 days of employment. Many employees have been trained for a number of years, and they are very dedicated to their jobs. However, they are also dissatisfied with the overall environment at Fashionphile.

While Fashionphile has a number of positive aspects, its culture is not as strong as other companies in the same niche. Employees rated the overall culture of the company in the Bottom 10% of similar-sized companies in San Diego. Moreover, they ranked the leadership of the company in the Bottom 20%. There were 4 employees who ranked their compensation in the Bottom 10% of comparable-sized companies in the US.

One of the positive aspects of working for Fashionphile is that it has an open door policy. Many employees are encouraged to give their feedback and input. Additionally, Fashionphile has an anonymous tip box in the break room. A number of employees have shared that they are often invited to conferences, and they are given opportunities to go to seminars and trainings. Besides, Fashionphile has a robust PTO policy, which is a vital component of the benefits package.

For employees, the most important characteristics of their company include the company’s mission, values, and vision. Despite being a small company, the Fashionphile team is made up of highly talented individuals, who are capable of developing new ideas. Therefore, they do a lot of brainstorming and generating new innovative ideas. Ultimately, the employees of Fashionphile strive to keep the team’s spirit alive.