SnackMagic Review

SnackMagic is a global online gifting service that offers curated snack boxes to send to friends and family. It also has a build-your-own option for its customers.

Snackmagic’s success is a testament to the power of personalization technology, logistics management and product inventory and accounting.

Founder Shaunak Amin’s previous company, Stadium, was a lunch delivery service that delivered restaurant dishes to offices around New York City. When Covid-19 hit and offices shut down, Amin shifted his business into a global catering platform called SnackMagic.

Personalized Experience

When you’re gifting snacks to people, you want to ensure that they get a wide variety of items that they will enjoy. This is what SnackMagic offers.

SnackMagic benefits include customizable boxes filled with tasty treats ranging from fizzy beverages to baked goods to salty and sweet treats. This option allows gift givers to personalize their order and select their preferred snacks from a selection of options that will be delivered directly to the recipient’s home.

Founded in 2020 amid the pandemic, SnackMagic is a unique snack box delivery service that allows you to send your co-workers or friends gifts that they’ll enjoy and that are safe for their health. The company offers hundreds of snack options sourced from around the world for their taste, quality and uniqueness.

Despite their young age, the company has already raised $15 million in Series A funding from Craft Ventures with participation from Luxor Capital. Founder Shaunak Amin said that this round will help them build warehouse capacity and logistics support as they continue to expand their business.

Variety of Snacks

Variety is the name of the game in the world of convenience store snack sales. While traditional snacks, such as potato chips, pretzels and tortilla chips, continue to thrive, alternative categories like nuts, pork rinds and meat snacks are growing in popularity with shoppers.

Researchers found that increased snack food variety was associated with decreased consumption of fatty and sugary snacks. However, the increased variety did not lead to a decrease in fruit and vegetable intake, suggesting that variety may promote healthy eating habits rather than lead to unhealthy snacking.

In addition to variety, package size may also influence snacking behavior. In a recent study, adults who were provided with larger-package snacks ate more than those who were given smaller-package snacks. This may be due to a potential “snack variety ceiling effect,” in which an initial doubling of snack variety increases intake but then slows down until the package size reaches a plateau or ceiling.

Easy to Order

Unlike other snack subscription services, SnackMagic has an easy-to-use ordering process. It offers pre-curated snacks called “stashes” that start at about $45 and come with a theme, such as Around the World or Foodie Forward.

Moreover, SnackMagic also offers a Build Your Own plan, in which you add individually-priced items until you reach about $45. This option is perfect for people who like to shop around and customize their snacks or gift baskets.

SnackMagic is currently targeting corporations that want to send snack boxes for their employees, whether in-person or remote. Snack perks are a great way to show employee appreciation and boost motivation, whether they’re working in the office or out of town.

Snackmagic also works with brands to help them increase their sales through its treat menu, which features curated boxes and pre-made groups of treats. Brands can submit their products to be included in these medleys, which can then lead to wholesale purchase orders.

Value for Money

SnackMagic aims to deliver on the value for money it promises through an ever-changing menu of snacks and beverages. It offers three primary plans: Build Your Own Stash, Around the World, and Foodie Forward.

Amin says SnackMagic has gotten a lot of interest from snack and beverage brands that want to work with the company, offering items that employees might not be able to find in their local grocery stores. He also says the company has had a lot of data on customer interest in different brands and products that is helping SnackMagic figure out what snacks and drinks to offer.

Currently, SnackMagic serves a limited audience: internal employees. Eventually, it hopes to expand beyond this to other areas such as corporate gifting, marketing and consumer services.