The Health Benefits of Ground Rounds

Those who work in the medical industry or are fans of shows like Grey’s Anatomy have likely heard about ground rounds. These daily presentations of clinical cases allow nurses to share knowledge and discuss complex patient cases with their colleagues.

The COVID-19 pandemic stepped up demand for virtual care solutions, and Owen Tripp saw the opportunity to combine Grand Rounds Health with Doctor On Demand. The resulting company is Included Health.

Improves Teamwork

Working in a team means there are multiple opportunities to provide feedback and support to teammates. This allows the whole group to move forward together while maintaining productivity. This is especially important for a project where there may be roadblocks or hurdles that come up.

In one study, physicians expressed explicit beliefs that MIRs were better for team function than traditional medical rounds, but they also exhibited implicit attitudes of physician dominance. The physical barrier of white coats was one issue, but other conditions impeded effective collaboration. These included time constraints, tension between educational and patient-care goals, and the tussle for space during rounds.

Tripp recognized a growing demand for virtual healthcare tools and sought a strategic partner with a deep understanding of digital health, operational acumen, and a broad network to help grow the company’s offerings. Today, Grand Rounds Health delivers a complete suite of claims and member services support, healthcare navigation solutions that connect members with world-class physicians for expert opinions, and full-service care advocacy to guide members through the complex healthcare journey.

Enhances Communication

GR provides an important forum to share evidence that supports public health and health care practices, while promoting awareness of effective implementation strategies and barriers to their application. Findings from evaluation data show that GR meets the needs of its audience, enhancing their fund of knowledge and helping them translate new ideas into practice.

With growth momentum and increasing demand for digital healthcare tools from his customers, Tripp sought a financing partner with expertise in the healthcare industry, operational acumen and broad network to help expand Grand Rounds Health’ product offering and strategically grow the business. Carlyle’s extensive experience in the digital healthcare sector and deep network allowed it to provide the strategic and financial support needed to help grow the company and enhance its healthcare navigation solutions and advocacy offerings. As a result, Trustmark’s clients and members can now use the full suite of clinical navigation and advocacy services to better navigate their healthcare journey from start to finish.

Promotes Collaboration

The centralized meetings are a way to bring the whole department together and to reinforce the importance of teamwork in the orthopaedic community. Grand rounds also help to create a sense of camaraderie and identity between faculty and residents, particularly if the department is large and staff are dispersed across multiple sites.

The COVID-19 pandemic stepped up demand for virtual solutions across many industries, including healthcare, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the U.S. GDP. Tripp wanted to capitalize on this momentum by combining Grand Rounds Health with Doctor on Demand, a multimillion-dollar telehealth company that offers longitudinal care services such as integrated behavioral health, everyday and urgent care, and chronic condition management.

Together, the companies provide healthcare navigation and expert medical opinions that improve healthcare benefits experiences from start to finish. Trustmark Health Benefits’ self-funded clients and their members will now have the ability to access this holistic support via the Trustmark Navigation and Advocacy service powered by Grand Rounds Health.

Increases Knowledge

While there is a growing demand for virtual solutions across many industries, healthcare remains one of the largest sectors in the U.S. As such, Owen Tripp, Co-Founder and CEO of Grand Rounds Health, was confident that his company could deliver a best-in-class healthcare benefits experience to members.

Nursing grand rounds can increase nurses’ knowledge of evidence-based practice and improve patient outcomes. They can also foster professional development and promote collaboration among nurses with different levels of experience (6).

To provide the most comprehensive solution, Grand Rounds Health leverages its data-driven telehealth platform. The technology drives insight into what matters most to patients and their physicians, resulting in effective healthcare navigation tools, advocacy capabilities and expert medical opinions that help patients choose the right treatment path. The full suite of benefits is backed by a dedicated customer support team to ensure that the end user’s needs are always met. Trustmark’s clients and employees will now be able to take advantage of these expert solutions.