Top 10 Robot Vacuum Benefits

The cost of a robot vacuum can be high, but these automated cleaning machines can improve your life in many ways. Learn ten benefits of owning a robotic vacuum to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Mapping capabilities make robot vacuums far more efficient than non-mapping models. This feature uses gyro, camera-, radar-, and laser (laser distance sensor) sensors to create a map of the room.

Time Saving

In our busy lives raising families, building careers and maintaining social connections can leave little time for home maintenance. With a robot vacuum you can set it to clean while you are at work or out running errands and come home to sparkling floors.

With advanced features like smart mapping and the ability to follow you around your home with boundary strips robots can be operated hands-free, allowing you to keep up with the daily grind without feeling overwhelmed by housework. You can even connect your robovac to your voice assistant and use Alexa or Google Assistant to control it with your favourite commands.

Due to their small size, robot vacuums require less maintenance than other types of vacuum cleaners. However, the bin that collects the dirt and debris is smaller than traditional bags so will need to be emptied more frequently. You may also need to replace the robot’s battery more frequently if you use it on a regular basis.

Healthier Environment

Depending on the size of your home, opt for a robotic vacuum cleaner that can effectively navigate its way around your floor plan without leaving cluttered areas behind. Some models also come equipped with HEPA filters to eliminate allergens like dust mites and pet dander.

During a series of interviews with Australian households, researchers found that robovacs encourage a new type of spotless domesticity. Rather than simply providing convenience, they are advertised as energy-efficient devices that raise standards of cleanliness.

Some families even treat their robovacs like pets, giving them names such as RoRo and Flat Bob. When the children get home, they often race to find their robot vacuum and play hide-and-seek with it. This is a sign that robovac benefits can go beyond just convenience and into the realm of emotional attachment. However, some social scientists such as Wilson et al [6] and Darby [7] have raised concerns about the energy efficiency claims made by Smart Home Technologies (SHTs). These appliances are marketed as more efficient than traditional alternatives but research has found that they actually increase overall household energy consumption.


Unlike regular vacuum cleaners that need your constant presence to function, robot cleaners do the work without you watching them. You can turn them on before leaving the house and go about your business knowing that the job will be done. This frees your time for more important things in life.

Some robots also come with sensors that adjust their cleaning settings according to floor surface. There is no need to worry about whether or not the machine will properly clean your wood floors, carpets, and rugs because it can do that automatically. Some models can even detect stairs and walls to prevent unintentional damage.

Many consumers fear that their robotic cleaners might fall down the stairs or bump into other items in the home while it is working. However, with the help of a programming function, these products can be set to create virtual walls to protect your belongings from unnecessary damage. You can even restrict the product’s scope to specific areas if you have pets at home that may be afraid of it.


Robot vacuums are smart enough to avoid obstacles, allowing them to clean hard-to-reach spots in your home. This is especially helpful for those with mobility issues or physical ailments that make bending down to vacuum difficult.

Robot vacs are also smart enough to adjust their settings for various floor surfaces. This means you don’t have to worry about adjusting your vac for carpet, wood or tile, since these devices can do it automatically. They can also recognize stairs and walls, preventing them from accidentally bumping into them or causing damage.

However, there are still some nooks and crannies that your robotic vac won’t be able to reach, which is why you still need to do a thorough cleaning every once in awhile. You’ll also have to regularly clean the main brush and the side brushes, as well as change the filter. Keeping these things clean can help reduce the risk of your robot getting stuck or tangled on stray shoes, socks, shoelaces, power cables or pet toys.