Uqora Benefits – How the Company Fosters Customer Loyalty and Retention

Born out of co-founder Jenna Ryan’s personal experience, Uqora offers a full range of urinary tract health products. Wonderment sat down with the brand’s Customer Success Team Manager, Zoe Rotberg, and Brand Marketing Manager, Kate Labat Jacobs to find out how they foster loyalty and retention.

Their primary product, Flush (formerly known as Target), is a drink mix that helps flush your urinary tract. The company also offers supplements to support your immune system, Defend and Promote.

Reduces risk of UTIs

UTIs are one of the most common infections in women, causing pain and discomfort. For many, the symptoms seem never-ending, and they may require a long course of antibiotics that can cause other unwanted side effects. Jenna Ryan, co-founder of Uqora, understands this struggle and made her mission to develop a product that could help eliminate the need for antibiotics.

The company’s first and most popular product, Flush, is a powdered drink mix that users drink after having sex, traveling, exercising, or any other activity that can transfer bacteria to the urethra. It’s also recommended to take it every few days as a preventative measure.

Ryan was recently featured on “Drama-Free Healthy Living” with Jess Cording to discuss her products and the need for UTI awareness. She talks about her personal experience with UTIs, the importance of treating customers like family, and the power of a win-win business model. She also explains how she and her partner Spencer Gordon were able to create Uqora’s complete regime, consisting of the Flush, Promote, and Defend supplements.

Relieves urinary tract pain

UTIs are one of the top reasons women visit their doctors, and they’re super painful. In fact, they can be life-threatening if left untreated. Thankfully, a new Berkeley startup has come up with a supplement that they say can reduce the number of UTIs you get.

The company’s flagship product is Flush, a sugar-free Crystal Light-esque powder you mix with water right before or soon after doing anything that could put you at risk for a UTI (think: sex, prolonged exercise). Ryan says it tastes pretty good and that a few doses of the stuff can lower your chances of getting a UTI by 75 percent.

Uqora also has a product called Control that uses d-mannose, black pepper powder, green tea leaf extract, and turmeric root extract to cleanse the bladder and prevent bacteria from forming in the first place. Like most dietary supplements, none of these ingredients have been specifically studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Supports healthy vaginal microbiome

Uqora’s three-product line-up — Flush, Defend and Promote — is designed to flush away harmful bacteria, protect against future infections, and support a healthy vaginal microbiome. The products are available individually or in bundles, with a focus on prevention rather than treatment, and a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The company’s founder, Jenna Ryan, was inspired to launch the brand after suffering eight UTIs in a year. She says that while antibiotics offer immediate relief, they leave the body vulnerable to yeast infections and other issues.

The uqora formula includes d-mannose, which prevents harmful bacteria from growing by blocking their sugar supply. It also includes turmeric root and green tea leaf extracts to cleanse protective bacterial biofilm communities, allowing the immune system to reach and destroy them. In addition, uqora’s probiotic Promote is a blend of strains that are known to be beneficial for the vaginal microbiome. The company also recommends regular microbiome testing to keep track of the health of your flora.

Helps prevent urinary tract infections

While there are a number of options for managing UTIs, many of them focus on treatment and not prevention. Uqora’s three-step regimen focuses on prevention, and the company claims its products work to keep the urinary tract and vaginal microbiome healthy. It also says its ingredients have been tested and proven to work.

The first step, Flush, is a drink mix that helps flush the urinary tract. The second step, Defend, is a cleanser that works to reduce the risk of UTIs by removing biofilm. The third step, Promote, is a probiotic blend that helps the body’s microbiome keep the urinary tract healthy.

The company’s website offers a no-questions-asked, free return policy. It also has a chat option for customers to get quick answers to any questions. All of its products are HSA and FSA-approved. The price is competitive compared to similar supplements on the market, and the company ships for free. Customers can buy Flush, Defend, and Promote directly from the website or at CVS stores.