Userway Benefits

Userway benefits provide business users with tools to make websites more accessible. Their AI-powered accessibility widget helps businesses comply with ADA and WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 guidelines.

The solution is easy to install and integrates into websites without requiring any additional software or training. It also offers a free trial and a yearly plan that includes two free months of service.

It’s easy to use

Userway’s tools help ensure that your website is fully aligned with your brand. The company offers a range of packages that can be customized to meet your specific needs. In addition, it can be integrated with CMS platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal and more. It also works with PDF files, making them ADA and WCAG compliant.

The AccessWidget is a powerful tool that helps bridge the gap between a website’s design and its accessibility needs. It makes instantaneous adjustments such as enlarging text, increasing contrast, and offering content highlighting. It also provides a screen reader feature that allows individuals with visual impairments to get an audio description of images and graphics.

In addition to being easy to use, Userway is affordable and offers a free trial. Its comprehensive selection of tools includes a white label option, API access, and a complete resource section that provides step-by-step guidance for businesses. It also has a robust security policy, adhering to strict standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and COPPA.

It’s affordable

Userway’s pricing is based on the number of unique web pages in your website. The cheapest plan, which is known as the Small Business plan, costs $49 per month for a website that has up to 100k pages. Their Huge and Jumbo plans cost $199 and $249 respectively. The company also offers a variety of other resources to help users get started.

Their simple accessibility scanner allows businesses to rapidly check their websites for WCAG compliance. The scanner can scan a site with up to 15,000 pages in less than an hour and provides one-click screenshots, flagged insights into source code violations and robust team management features. It can even help protect your business from ADA lawsuits and demand letters.

Userway’s AI-Powered Accessibility Widget is an affordable way to improve your website’s ADA and WCAG compliance. This widget can increase text size, enlarge links, pause animations, make content more readable with dyslexia-friendly font, invert colors, highlight links and provide audio descriptions of images and videos. It can also provide keyboard shortcuts, resize images, hide distracting elements and reduce noise. It is easy to use and provides an excellent ROI.

It’s easy to integrate

The Userway accessibility widget is easy to manage and integrate. It is a powerful tool that allows website owners to easily monitor their sites and improve them according to ADA standards. The service is flexible and affordable with multiple payment options, including a one-time fee or monthly subscription. It also offers a site scanner that can perform multiple scans simultaneously and cover a variety of resolutions, from desktop to mobile devices.

The video cuts to an image of a computer screen and displays an example website mockup. It then illustrates a few of UserWay’s most important features.

For example, it offers text magnifiers that increase font size and make text more legible for people with visual disabilities. It also has content highlighting that makes the most important elements of your website stand out. Other useful features include audio muting, which is helpful for viewers who have epilepsy or other conditions that are triggered by loud sounds.

It’s easy to manage

UserWay makes it easy to manage and control your website’s accessibility compliance. It offers a free, one-time scan that prioritizes site-wide and template-level violations, real-time alerts, and powerful remediation insights. It also identifies issues directly within the website’s code and integrates seamlessly with your Issue Tracking System (ITS).

To get started, type in a website URL and click Next. You will then be asked to agree to the Terms of Use and select a plan. Options include a 10-day free trial or a monthly offer, as well as a yearly plan that includes two months of free service.

The AI-powered toolkit consists of more than 100 functions that ensure WCAG and ADA compliance. These include enlarged text, larger cursors, greater spaces between paragraphs, lighter font colors, color contrasts, and audio text alternatives. This makes websites easier to read for people with cognitive impairments and those with vision or motor disabilities. It also improves the usability of sites for people who struggle with dyslexia.