Yodawy and Yodawy Benefits

YODAWY is a free, digital health marketplace that allows patients to obtain prescription medicines and personal care products through a platform. YODAWY is the first of its kind to offer both online and mobile access. YODAWY is built with privacy in mind, and has strict policies and procedures in place to protect patients and consumers.

About the company

Founded in 2018, Yodawy is an online health technology company that connects consumers with pharmacies, health insurance providers and doctors. Using its digital infrastructure, Yodawy is breaking down silos in the health-tech space in Egypt.

According to Jad El Boustani, the company’s managing director, it is uniquely positioned to digitize the healthcare industry. He said that there are “deep infrastructure gaps” in the health-tech space in Egypt. However, few initiatives have been undertaken to address these gaps.

Yodawy aims to increase the efficiency of pharmacy operations by digitally processing claims. It also enables pharmacies to increase their revenues and boost sales through e-commerce. It has already partnered with eight leading health insurance companies in Egypt.

As Yodawy grows its customer base, it plans to expand its offerings to include new markets. Currently, Yodawy is operating in 30 cities in Egypt. In the first year of operations, the company has delivered outstanding results. It has fulfilled 800,000 orders.

Marketplace for medicines and other personal care products

Founded by Sherief El-Feky, Yodawy is an online pharmacy platform in Egypt. Its aim is to provide consumers and insurance providers with a more efficient solution to manage health benefits and prescriptions. Yodawy connects patients and pharmacies, enabling them to order pharmaceuticals and other personal care products.

Using its own AI-based approval engine, Yodawy allows patients to request prescriptions and order medicines from a wide network of pharmacies. In a matter of minutes, medications can be delivered to patients’ doorsteps. The company has already completed over 500,000 orders since its launch in 2018.

The company’s product catalog includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic test kits, OTC, cosmetics, and other personal care products. It also allows consumers to order products by phone or through its mobile app. Users can upload a picture of a handwritten prescription, which will then be deciphered by experts.

The company also claims to have a network of more than 3,000 pharmacies and eight health insurance companies. The company has been very successful in Egypt, with more than 800,000 orders processed so far. The company plans to expand to other emerging markets.

Platform for prescriptions

Founded in 2018, Yodawy is an insurtech startup that aims to improve people’s access to medical care. It connects patients to doctors, insurance companies, and pharmacies. Yodawy uses artificial intelligence to simplify claims settlement and automate copayment benefits. It also offers door delivery solutions for prescriptions.

Yodawy’s CEO Karim Khashaba is an experienced entrepreneur with an innate ability to attract talented people. He aims to revolutionize the medical insurance industry with his tech-based innovations.

Founded in Egypt, Yodawy is currently operational in 30 cities across the country. Its network of 2000 pharmacies and affiliate health insurance providers provides access to medical care and health products to tens of thousands of patients. Currently, the company processes over 100k orders per month. It is also working to expand its reach into the UAE and GCC.

The Yodawy app uses artificial intelligence to allow patients to browse through a comprehensive online medical database and order medications from pharmacies. Yodawy also provides a platform for doctors to create prescription templates for common cases. Users can also register and upload their insurance cards to request prescriptions.

Privacy practices

Whether you are a patient at a health facility, or a member of the public, you have a right to know what types of medical and other personal information are gathered by a facility, and what they may be used for. The health care industry, and the law, are obligated to protect this information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care providers and health plans to develop a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) to explain their practices.

The NPP can be a full-page presentation, a booklet, or a text-only version. In addition to being approachable, the designs are often based on plain language. A health care provider’s notice must also inform patients about their rights to privacy, as well as any breaches, or impermissible uses of their information.